Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all my gluten free friends out there. I'm sure the kids are psyched about getting out there and filling up their bags full of free candy. Or if you're the gluten free adult, you're probably wondering what's safe for you to enjoy as your Hallow's treat.

Below I'm sharing some of my favorites approved gluten-free candies safe enough to enjoy. Some of the candies hold sentimental value for me, I'm sure you have your favorites too.


Brach's Candy Corn
Warning: Eating just one leads to eating 100 of these sweet corns.
Charm's Blow Pops
Not only do I love the taste and the gum at the center, I love that it colors your tongue depending on the flavor you're eating. Very Willy Wonka-ish, specially when I would stick my purple tongue at the kids.
3 Musketeers
I used to think it had to be eaten in 3 bites because it was the way the 3 Musketeers ate it. Don't ask...I have no idea where in my childhood I picked that up. Maybe from one of my big brother's "stories" he loved to fill my head with.
Reeses's Peanut Butter Cup
This is my ultimate Achilles heel. When we were all kids, my cousins and I would go over our candy inventory and this was the only candy I would not trade which would unfortunately escalate into hair pulling and yelling matches. Until my grandma took all the candy away. So yes, this is the one candy that would cause mayhem in our home, but it was worth it.
Other gluten free friendly candies include: jelly beans, Jolly Ranchers Hard Candy, Mr. Goodbar, Baby Ruth, Fruit Chews.

For a complete listing of all candies that are gluten free friendly, visit The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.

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