Thursday, December 8, 2011

HomeMade Pizza Company

So this new pizza place opened up near my neighborhood, and as usual, I rarely pay any mind since I can't eat the regular pizzas, what's the point. Until one day while walking passed the shop, I saw, posted in a big white banner -We also carry GLUTEN FREE PIZZA. Stop the press!

Immediately, I text'd my husband to to let him know dinner that night would be PIZZA! I bought a regular pie for him, and a gluten free pie for myself.

About HomeMade Pizza Company

The idea is a bake-at-home pizza. So they make the dough, you look over their menu and pick your toppings, they prepare it for you and off you go to bake it in your own oven at home. At first I thought it was silly, until I had my first bite. Seriously if you think about it when you order a pizza for home delivery, it never comes as hot as you would get it if you were to eat it at an establishment. But in HomeMade Pizza Company's eyes, every time you bake one of their pizzas at home, it's right out of the over so you will ALWAYS experience that succulent hot crusty and cheesiness goodness. Great concept!

So far they've opened locations in Illinois, D.C./Virginia, Minnesota, New Jersey and New York. They've been so successful that I wouldn't be surprise if they continued expanding and opening in more States. So keep a look out.

Below is the gluten free pizza I ordered - it does come with instructions on baking.

Not sure why this photo came up sideways.

I ordered mine with peperoni, onions and cheese

Fresh out of the oven...MMMMMM!

A closer look. I love it when the crust gets crunchy and toasty

Sliced and ready to be eaten.

Almost forgot, they use rice flour to make the pizza dough. For more information, contact HomeMade Pizza Company.