Friday, June 5, 2015

My Breakfast Faves!

We know eggs and fresh fruits are gluten free, but sometimes you want more options than that. For me, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I've been wanting to do a My Pick's segment for the longest so I've bucked down and finally sharing my picks with you.

Top of the list is Almond Milk.

I do enjoy Trader Joe's Almondmilk Beverage. It has a creamier texture compared to the other leading brands, and the price is right! Only $2.99

I use this nutty milk for just about everything! My coffee, tea, cereal, granolas, pancakes, etc...I do switch it up sometimes with coconut milk, cashew milk and rice milk but I've not build enough courage yet to try hemp milk (hee hee). What cheers me up is seeing my 2 year old guzzling down her almond milk. Just like her mamma.

Priced at only $2.99, it's a steal and staple in my household.
Speaking of pancakes, I've tried many gluten free pancake mixes and the winner for me is Flappin' Jack sold at Williams Sonoma. The mix is from Chef Thomas Keller’s signature Cup4Cup gluten-free flour. This one is a bit pricey but considering we don't eat pancakes everyday, about once a week, usually a Saturday or Sunday, this container goes far for us. There's two packets inside, each bag can make up to 8 pancakes but I swear we've made more than that. Try it and you'll see that there's nothing like these light fluffy flapjacks anywhere.  All you taste is heaven with a hint of pure vanilla. Even my non-GF husband loves them, heck he even makes them for us. Cost $19.99

I love teaming up pancakes with grits (since I'll forever be a Southern gal deep down), and Arrowhead Mills is one of the few brands that offers a non-GMO and organic corn grits. I love to add some garlic powder while they're cooking. OH! I'm salivating just thinknig about it!  Cost $4.99 but you can get it for less at

And for the Monday through Friday hustle, my morning go-tos are generally a smoothie (I make the previous night), oatmeal and granola. I usually add fresh fruits and nuts to make it more filling. I'm so thankful for Bob's Red Mill brand for making gluten free oats. Cost $6.99

My nickname should be granola girl with the amount of granola I consume. It's one of those foods I could easily eat for morning, lunch and dinner, and snack between. Purely Elizabeth is the tastiest and scrumptious granolas I've had the pleasure of eating, and I purposely am highlighting their Pumpkin Fig granola, it is off the charts delicious!

Other flavors from Purely Elizabeth Granola include cranberry, blueberries and original.

So that's it! Those are my favorite breakfast picks. Let me know if you've tried any of these or share what's your favorite gluten free breakfast is. Cost $6.99

Enjoy my GFF's!


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