Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brown Rice Pizza

When my husband Enzo and I began dating many moons ago, one of my fondest memories was spending Friday nights at his family's pizzeria Reggio in Union, New Jersey. Since it was family owned it meant he was volunteered to work on weekends.  I spent that time sitting at the counter and watched his dad, lovable Papa Tony, create yummy pizzas after pizzas. Often he'd offer me a fresh slice, and at first I resisted but the aromas got the best of me. What a superb slice! His parent's have since retired and sold the pizzeria. Oh but those Friday night pizza memories will forever be in my mind.

Enzo would also help out his dad in making pizzas when it got crazy. So for my next project - gluten-free pizza - I thought who better qualified to help me attempt this! When I asked him, Enzo gladly took the rolling bin off my hands and I took his Canon camera and photographed the process.

You could gather your own flours like rice flour, potato flour, etc...(see recipe here) and make your own dough from scratch. However, if you want to try it with same ingredients already gathered for you, please try Namaste Food's Pizza Crust Mix. There are tons G.F. pizza mix brands but this one is the healthiest and delicious brand.

Gather your favorite toppings and decorate. Remember the tomato sauce goes first!

Enzo here adding spinach, onions, mushrooms, ground turkey and cheese*. Mmmmm!

Simply no words can explain this moment, I watched in fascination as Enzo worked diligently on "Operation: Wife's Craving Pizza and I Betta Get this Right!" 

Tada! Enzo also made himself a regular pizza, and why not, he had the dough! HA!HA!
We used pizza tin pans to bake the pizza but I think for a crunchier crust, which we're both fans of, next time we'll use a pizza stone.

His and Hers pizza. Heavenly meal. Enjoy....

Claudia's Pizza (left) and Enzo's Pizza (right)

*Good milk-free cheese alternatives are rice milk cheese or the Soya Kaas brand cheese.


Anonymous said...

Look Delish Claudia! Good Idea. I may try to make homemade pizza this weekend. Have not done that in a long time! LOL


Claudia said...

Thanks April. It tasted delish too!

Anonymous said...

I miss Tony's Pizza from Ave. D and East 48th Street! What are the chances of Enzo's dad being the same Tony?

p.s. I need to sample these delicious pizzas!


Claudia said...

Hey Netty :) my father-in-law makes awesome pizzas but he's only worked in Jersey.