Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Egg and Pancetta English Muffin

This is a spin-off McDonald's egg McMuffin.

I start out by cooking the pancetta* first because it sweats out its oils and once it's done I cook my egg without adding any oils since I have the bacon fat, plus the salty flavor left behind will enhance the flavor of my one egg.  *About the meat - I used pancetta which is an Italian bacon, instead of strips, the bacon is usually sold round. Unlike American bacon, pancetta is unsmoked pork belly that is cured with salt and spices. I used Applegate Farm brand Pancetta.

Since I want to achieve that similar perfect circular egg McD uses on their muffin, I used an egg fry ring, a fun egg tool.  I received these as a gift from a dear friend that knew how much I love playing with food. You can find it at Williams Sonoma.

When using the egg fry ring, don't forget to grease the inside of the ring(s) before pouring the egg in, this will make it easier to remove the egg after it's done. In case some of you are fans of runny yolk, don't worry even though the outside will harden a bit for shape, the yolk will still run.

For the english muffin I always go for Food for Life delicious gluten-free English muffins. Some days I toast these and spread a nut butter with jam or just butter. Usually found in the frozen aisle section.

And voila! My homemade gluten free egg and pancetta muffin. You can also add a slice of cheese, I would but I was fresh out which reminds me...better add it to the grocery list.

Enjoy my GFFs!

One serving:
2oz Pancetta
1 egg
1 gluten-free english muffin
slice of your fave cheese (optional)


Anonymous said...

Looks Yummy! What is nut butter?

Claudia said...

nut butter can be almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter, etc...